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July 29, 2015

How to Plan A Wedding While in Grad School: Top 3 Tips

As if graduate school wasn’t demanding enough on its own, now you have a wedding to plan? You wonder: What am I, crazy? Should we just wait to get married until after I’m done with my degree? But we don’t want to wait any longer – the time has come to make the full commitment. So plan I will. But how can I balance such a heavy study and research workload with the details of planning a wedding? Is there any way to make this process easier? Yes, is the answer. Here are top tips from the I-also-got-married-while-I-was-a-grad-student club. Let […]
July 23, 2015

Considering a Graduate School Summer Research Gig? Tips to Pursue

Success is often measured not in productivity during the scheduled workday, but how time is spent during unscheduled times. Such is the case with summertime during graduate school. One way to fill time wisely during grad school summer break is to perform research in your field. Not only might you advance your research, but you’ll be viewed as more committed than those who engage in summer activities that are unrelated to their studies. Graduate school summer research programs generally accept applications months in advance, and sometimes take up to a year or more of networking to secure. Here are the top […]
July 19, 2015
pregnant in grad school

Pregnant in Grad School: How to Balance

Pregnant in graduate school? Congratulations, but with a caveat. That’s how many pregnant women in graduate school feel. You get all kinds of comments, don’t you? As Sarah Kenkzior quips in the Vitae 2014 article Should You Have a Baby in Grad School?: “A pregnant belly…sticks out like a middle finger to others’ expectations.”   Whether expected or not, you became pregnant during your schooling as a graduate student, and you’re keeping this baby. In parallel, you plan to continue pursuing your studies – you chose this route, and worked hard to figure out the best place to do your […]
June 24, 2015

Practice Time: Use the Summer to Improve Speed Reading for Grad School

Grad school is nothing if it’s not one big reading assignment. So how do you cope with all that reading, equating to sometimes thousands of pages per week? The clincher: It is simply not humanly possible to read all of the assigned pages. You can’t. So you don’t. Instead, you learn to do some version of speed reading.  And now that summer’s here, one way to capitalize on time off of official studies is to hone those speed reading skills. As historian PhD candidate Andrew Joseph Pegoda writes about graduate school: “You will never read a book again; yet, you will […]
June 11, 2015

What Do Law Schools Look for in Applicants?

So, you want to go to law school, and you’re ready to plan putting together the best application. Here is the low-down on what law schools are looking for in applicants. Let’s start with a trivia question. From the law school applications committee perspective, what is the order of importance of application factors, from greatest to least important? a) GPA, LSAT, Personal Statement, Resume, Personal Recommendations b) LSAT, Personal Statement, GPA, Resume, Personal Recommendations c) LSAT, Resume, GPA, Personal Statement, Personal Recommendations d) LSAT, GPA, Resume, Personal Statement, Personal Recommendations The answer is d. By far the most crucial aspect […]