October 30, 2015
alternative careers for lawyers

What Else Can You Do With a Law Degree?

Stress is an inherent part of being an attorney. As a lawyer working in a firm or legal department, you’re constantly putting out fires and dealing with long hours and tight deadlines. The legal business has gotten increasingly demanding as well – with tighter budgets, fewer support staff, 24/7 international clients, and increased profitability targets. For some lawyers, all this is just too much to put up with day in and day out every day for the rest of their lives. Plenty of lawyers are happy in their careers, and are able to handle the demands of their work. But […]
October 22, 2015
healthy habits to master in graduate school

3 Healthy Habits to Master in Graduate School

The demands of graduate school have a way of coming at us at times like a rip tide….threatening to sweep us off course and away from our goals and dreams for the future. Grad school can be a challenging and intense experience. Unlike college, where oftentimes cramming the night before could still result in decent grades and where there was plenty of time for fun and fraternizing, being a graduate student is a full-time job that requires heightened self-discipline, time-management and study skills. In order to be up to the challenge, grad students need to be in tip-top mental and physical […]
October 15, 2015
graduate school scholarship

Are You Eligible for a Graduate School Scholarship?

Graduate school is expensive. There’s no getting around that. And while it’s true that most scholarships are geared towards undergrads, there are still some stellar opportunities for tuition assistance at the graduate level. Check out our roundup below, and see what you may qualify for. Don’t qualify for any? No worries. We will point you in the right direction towards your perfect scholarship. If you have already begun your career, it pays to check whether your employer is willing to offer tuition assistance towards your degree. Under certain conditions- like a commitment to work a set number of years for […]
October 7, 2015
information security analyst

Spotlight on Career: Information Security Analyst — Defender of the People

These days, pretty much every heist film involves hacking into a computer somewhere. And the modern day hero is often someone whose brains are even bigger than their biceps – an information security analyst! With the rise in hacking attempts and successful data breaches of companies and the government, there’s an urgent need to keep consumer and classified information safe from cyber attacks. That’s where information security analysts come in! They are responsible for safeguarding the networks of companies and government agencies. Organizations are keen on protecting their systems…that’s why there’s a huge demand for these professionals. The Bureau of […]
October 1, 2015
save money in graduate school

5 Ways to Save Money in Graduate School

Are you wondering how you’re going to make it financially while attending graduate school? Well, a financial plan and some serious thriftiness are definitely in order here. Perhaps you’re taking out a school loan or maybe working part time to support yourself. Either way, you will need to adjust to living on a budget. But being frugal doesn’t have to be a bummer… Consider it a challenge or a game of sorts where the object is to spend as little money as possible. The prize for winning of course is a shiny new degree with no strings (aka excess debt) […]
September 18, 2015
future of higher education

A Storm is Brewing Around the Grand Brick and Mortar Structure of the Traditional University (….and it is getting stronger all the time)

For centuries, institutions of higher learning have stood frozen in time as the world around them changed. The traditional model of attending lectures, and taking exams has pretty much been the same since time immemorial. But all that is changing. There is no denying it. Online learning is impacting the future of higher education. The cracks are appearing in the bricks, and the windows are being blown wide open by the ferocity of today’s “storms.” Universities are grappling with their future as viable institutions. The (proverbial) storms I’m referring to come in two forms. A Funding Crisis Institutions’ costs are […]
September 10, 2015
graduate school entrance exams

Top 4 Graduate School Entrance Exams (And Some Tips for Preparing…)

Are you thinking about going to graduate school? Good for you! Perhaps you’re a college student, or just looking for a career change? There is no better way to advance yourself personally or professionally than to pursue a higher degree! Applying to graduate school can be a lengthy process, and entrance exams play an important part. Zeroing in on the tests you’ll need to take, and beginning to prepare is a great way to begin. Most graduate schools require an entrance exam as part of the application process and these are the most common: The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is […]
September 3, 2015
back to graduate school tips

Top 7 Back to School Tips for Graduate Students

You’ve made the important decision to enroll in graduate school. You’ve applied, made it through your exams and interviews and got accepted…Congratulations! While you may be a seasoned college veteran, some solid tips and reminders on how to succeed in higher education never hurt anyone! School is set to begin! Take a deep breath and read our top advice for succeeding and thriving. To your success! Get your paperwork in order This may seem obvious, but make sure all your paperwork and financials are in order before the start of school. Make sure any financial aid forms, scholarships or loan […]
August 27, 2015
MBA Degree

Top 5 High-Paying Careers You Can Get With an MBA Degree

Are you thinking about getting an MBA degree, and wondering which direction to go in? Is high earnings one of your top requirements? Most MBA programs offer a strong core of business courses, while allowing you to specialize and prepare for the specific career you want. If you want your MBA to take you where you want to go, you will need to choose your area of concentration carefully. Here’s our top 5 roundup of MBA specializations leading to high-paying careers. We have them ranked by graduates’ average earnings. The average pay for all MBAs (regardless of specialty) is $104,000*. […]
August 19, 2015
Behavioral Disorder Counselor

Career Spotlight: What do Behavioral Disorder Counselors do?

Are you interested in helping to rehabilitate alcoholics or drug addicts? Have you been affected by alcoholism or addictions in your family and feel that you want to help others overcome their problems? Are you ready for a meaningful and rewarding career, but one which comes with a lot of stress and setbacks? Can you take it? Are you an angel on this earth? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you may have what it takes for an intense career as a behavioral disorder counselor. Behavioral disorder counselors help and advise people who suffer from, drug addiction, […]