June 2, 2015

Congrats – You’re Accepted! How to Maximize the Summer Before Grad School

If you read up on the topic of how to best spend the summer before graduate school, you’ll encounter comments from those who’ve been there which signify three schools of thought, listed below with examples. 1) Work your you-know-what off for your degree. a. Apply for fall or spring TA/RA positions, if they are still open. b. Work in your field, even if unpaid. c. Start your research. d. Connect with possible advisors, and otherwise network at your school. e. Join professional organizations in your field, and attend their events. 2) Work your you-know-what off just to make some cash. […]
May 27, 2015

The Four Pillars of the (Long) Graduate School Application Process

Now that it’s the month of May, you might be at the beginning, middle, or end of your graduate school application process. You might be at the beginning because the process can take up to two years; you might be in the middle because you’re just honing in on your chosen schools; you might be at the end because you’ve received your acceptance or rejection letters. Either way, applying to graduate school is a project. Some schools and advisory sites offer a specific timeline for the grad school application process. However, these timelines vary per individual, and per program, so […]
May 19, 2015

What Does A Master’s Degree Student Do Over the Summer?

Remember your previous life as an undergrad, when you got away with cramming for tests, and writing last-minute research papers? And then, voila, you’d have semester break, or better yet, a few months of summer break. That was the life, wasn’t it? But now that you’re in graduate school, it’s become apparent that those blissful days are over. Grad school, it turns out, is more like a job where you really need to prove your broad understanding, and your abilities to research.  You chose a program to get you ahead in your field, and that means dedication. Read: You might […]
May 12, 2015

Know Thyself: Top Graduate School Study Skills

Graduate school requires a different study skill set than undergraduate school.  Plan on cramming? It won’t do the trick anymore. Sheer memorization? A thing of the past.  Fact regurgitation? Not anymore. You’re in graduate school now – the focused, specialized, depth-not-breadth format of study. What you’ll do in graduate school is read, read, read, (and read some more), do research, and comprehensively put it all together in extensive, written reports.  True, you’ll have occasional exams but they will test your coffers of understanding, not your ability to repeat back knowledge that’s fed to you. So how do you approach studying […]
April 23, 2015

Post Graduate Resume Tips

How to Emphasize the Value Your Degree Offers to Employers You invested large amounts of time and money with the hopes that a graduate degree would translate to a career with a higher salary, but don’t assume your showing a potential employer your degree alone will translate in his/her mind as an asset. Many employers still need to be shown how your degree will positively impact their business.  And that is where your resume must highlight the relevance of your degree. While your education is one of the most important tools for succeeding once you get a job, your resume […]
April 16, 2015

Top Five Features to Look for When Choosing an Online Data Backup Service

As an online student the most important piece of equipment to care for and protect is your computer, after all it’s essentially your classroom and library as well. So developing and a backup plan for your data should be on the top of your priority list before your classes even begin! But even if you’re a bit late to the party it’s never too late to start backing up your data, and it’s never been easier. Before you even begin your search for a service, it’s important to know the difference between an online backup service and an online storage […]
April 9, 2015

I Want to Go to Law School. Which Undergraduate Degree Should I Pursue?

Do you know which bachelor’s degree is ideal for getting into law school? Surprisingly, the answer is “any.” Most law schools are keen to accept students from a variety of backgrounds, both academically and socially. Your undergraduate major is not what matters so much, rather, it’s your GPA, LSAT score, personal recommendations,  and extracurricular involvement.  All of these parameters will indicate how well you can think critically, communicate, perform effective research, and write at a high level. In addition, the American Bar Association (ABA) even goes so far as to recommend law school applicants prove involvement in public service, especially […]
April 2, 2015

Are Computer Science and Information Technology Degrees Really the Same Thing?

The terms “computer science” and “information technology” might seem interchangeable. However, they are two separate academic fields under the umbrella of computer technology. Succinctly stated, computer science is about programming, and information technology is centered on processing. Here’s an explanation about the major differences between computer science and information technology. Computer Science Historically, computer science was an outgrowth of electrical engineering and mathematics disciplines.  These days, computer science is based on mathematical algorithms and programming languages.  Practically speaking, it is writing software programs and applications (“apps”) that is the core of computer science. From computer games, to smartphone apps, to […]
March 27, 2015

What Can A Criminology Degree Do for You?

Do you have a passion for justice? Do you feel a drive to defend and protect? Whether you’re interested in pursuing a career in the courtroom or in the field, a criminology degree can help you attain your goals with a variety of job opportunities in the criminal justice field. Here are some of the most popular career choices of those who seek a degree in criminology. Police Officer Police officers are the men and women on the front lines of the criminal justice system. They work hard to not only apprehend criminals but to prevent crime as well. A […]
March 19, 2015

Brain Boosting Tips for Short Term and Long Term Memory

It’s usually during “crunch time” (think midterms and finals) that graduate students start looking for ways to stay awake and focused. Often relaying on a never ending caffeine fix and handfuls of sugary chocolates to help them out…. which they swear to drop as soon as the studying/test taking/report writing (_______ fill in the blank) is complete. But studies show that if students put regular energy into these healthy brain boosters they are much more likely to retain information which means less all-nighters/less last minute studying and ultimately better results. It works like this. When you take care of your […]