August 5, 2015
Which Programming Languages Should I Study?

Dreaming of becoming a programmer? Here Are the Top Languages that will get you hired!

There are many hundreds of programming languages, but some are much more popular than others. If you want to be a programmer whose skills are always in demand, these are the languages to know: Java – Java is the most popular language in the world because of its huge role in android app development. SQL – Comes in a few variants. Database technologies such as MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server power big businesses, hospitals, banks, and universities. Pretty much every computer and person with access to technology eventually uses something SQL. Javscript – Another one of the world’s most […]
April 2, 2015

Are Computer Science and Information Technology Degrees Really the Same Thing?

The terms “computer science” and “information technology” might seem interchangeable. However, they are two separate academic fields under the umbrella of computer technology. Succinctly stated, computer science is about programming, and information technology is centered on processing. Here’s an explanation about the major differences between computer science and information technology. Computer Science Historically, computer science was an outgrowth of electrical engineering and mathematics disciplines.  These days, computer science is based on mathematical algorithms and programming languages.  Practically speaking, it is writing software programs and applications (“apps”) that is the core of computer science. From computer games, to smartphone apps, to […]