online student tips

February 13, 2015

Mobile Apps to Help Online Students Stay On Track

If you’ve opted for an online education then you probably don’t need to be sold on the idea that technology and the big data culture has a lot to great things to offer. You’re also most likely ambitious and want to maximize every moment of your day. With the ability to access information anytime, from anywhere online students can stay productive using mobile apps. Here’s a list apps that we find the most helpful to keep online students on track. Toms Planner Manage your time and tasks with this Gantt chart-based app, a planning tool that uses color coded charts that […]
January 7, 2015

6 Tips for Online Graduate School Success

The key to success often lies in how you prepare for it.  Just take a look at a classically trained chef performing their work of art in the kitchen… it all starts with Mise en place. While earning a degree online offers the advantage of flexibility, it also requires self-discipline.  If you are considering earning an online graduate degree, or if you are currently enrolled and are having a hard time finding your school-life balance, check out these 6 tips for online graduate school success. Check that you have the proper technology in place The most important technological equipment is […]