Top 5 High-Paying Careers You Can Get With an MBA Degree

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MBA Degree

Are you thinking about getting an MBA degree, and wondering which direction to go in? Is high earnings one of your top requirements?

Most MBA programs offer a strong core of business courses, while allowing you to specialize and prepare for the specific career you want. If you want your MBA to take you where you want to go, you will need to choose your area of concentration carefully.

Here’s our top 5 roundup of MBA specializations leading to high-paying careers. We have them ranked by graduates’ average earnings. The average pay for all MBAs (regardless of specialty) is $104,000*.

1) Finance:

Average Salary: $121,000

Doesn’t everyone in finance have an MBA degree these days? Um…yes.
Financial analysts and portfolio managers often either have an MBA or are working on one. Common jobs for MBAs with a finance concentration include Finance Director or CFO.

2) International Business:

Average Salary: $116,000
In our ever-expanding global economy, professionals who know how to diplomatically conduct business around the world are in high demand. That need has increased the demand for graduates with degrees in international business. Popular jobs in international business include Operations or Sales Director.

3) Marketing:

Average Salary: $113,000
Common jobs for MBAs who specialize in marketing include Marketing Director or Business Development Manager.

4) Information Systems:

Average Salary: $106,000
If you’re an IT professional who wants to get into management, an MBA in information systems is your degree! Some common careers are IT Manager or Director.

5) Business Management

Average Salary: $96,900
A generalized MBA concentration, like business management, can provide you with the flexibility to choose from a variety of careers. However, an employer might pass you over for a candidate with a specific concentration. A company looking for a finance director, for example, may prefer to hire someone with an MBA concentration in finance. Common jobs include Sales Director or Human Resources Director.

We hope we have provided you with some inspirations to launch your MBA career into the financial stratosphere! For more information about pursuing an MBA degree, please check out our Business Programs.


Source: All salary data comes from online salary database