What Else Can You Do With a Law Degree?

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October 22, 2015
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alternative careers for lawyers

Stress is an inherent part of being an attorney. As a lawyer working in a firm or legal department, you’re constantly putting out fires and dealing with long hours and tight deadlines.

The legal business has gotten increasingly demanding as well – with tighter budgets, fewer support staff, 24/7 international clients, and increased profitability targets.

For some lawyers, all this is just too much to put up with day in and day out every day for the rest of their lives.

Plenty of lawyers are happy in their careers, and are able to handle the demands of their work. But for those who are not, it is common to feel stuck and uncertain about what other careers to pursue.

A survey by CareerBliss (a company that tracks workplace satisfaction), reports that associate lawyers are less happy at work than people in any other profession.

And according to the American Bar Foundation survey, 24% of lawyers nationwide who passed the bar in 2000 weren’t practicing law in 2012!

So what are these lawyers doing and what are some alternative careers for lawyers who don’t want to practice law?

It’s true, what they say. You can do just about anything with a law degree. And having a law degree should make you a very attractive candidate to prospective employers.

Here are some career possibilities:

Become an Entrepreneur.  Your skill set will likely put you in a good position to start up a new company or non-profit (unrelated to law). lawyers know how to negotiate deals and contracts, and often have a client-focused thought process, which will benefit any new business.

Advocacy work. Lawyers often have plenty of experience advocating on someone else’s behalf, so why not do it for a cause you care about? A shift to working for an advocacy group could be just the ticket….the skills are directly transferable to a nonprofit organization.

For some corporate jobs that align well with a lawyer’s skill set consider the following:

Chief Operating Office (COO)

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

VP of Business Development

VP or Director of Corporate Development

HR Manager

 These are jobs that are non-legal, yet utilize some or most of a lawyer’s general skill set (public speaking, analytical skills, risk management, client management, great writing skills etc.)

While we hope we’ve given you some career ideas and inspirations, the possibilities are truly endless and only limited by your imagination.

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